Get The Best of Mobile Strike Tips And Guide

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The all new MMO Mobile Strike promises to be more than a War Game with the shooting spree and other frantic attacks involved. When my friends first started playing it and had nothing else to discuss apart from the right building strategies, the base Commander and the like, it was time for me to try out the game first-hand. Well, the installation process on my device did have a few initial hick-ups after which the going has been pretty smooth. As of now, I have very little to complain concerning the speed or the gameplay efficiency. In fact is a bit awed by the overall appeal of the game.

The helpful tutorial

I surely found the in-game tutorial help to educate me on the different buildings and their uses in the military warfare. The game involves thestrategic building of a military base of the player that is strong enough to repudiate the attacks of the enemy and at the advanced level capable of vanquishing the bases of others. Like the real life base building, I had to go stepwise so as not to lose out any opportunity to have the right installations in the right numbers. Apart from the show of power, it is also the backup at the base that helps in the warfare.

Taking a systematic approach

Next, comes the building of the essential structures that are the farms, oil mines, quarries and the iron mines that will enable the making of the powerful base. I found the step of becoming part of an alliance extremely helpful at it gave me the extra points that I needed for my building. Apart from the building any military base will also be in need of continual replenishment and upgrade and training of the troops. Once I joined the Alliance, the research became easier, this mobile strike cheats helped me and I also got more points awarded that helped me minimize spending for the game

Some impressive features

The Mobile Strike is also a game of patience and intelligence other than having some fun time. Itis meant for the matured player that is willing to think and act instead of getting carried away by the impressive military look of the game alone. The game does consume a lot of time, and I found that many times I had overspent an hour with it. The one thing that I was overly impressed with is the lack of violence per say as in some other senseless shooting game.

Calculating your spending

The one thing that most players dread about games is the excessive spending of hard cash to buy the virtual currencies. Well, with some patience I did figure out several ways that I could earn more from the game and use them for the buying of the resources. Becoming the VIP is one instance that enables the gathering of gold every day. There are also the daily missions to go by and these though are time consuming are away of eliminating expenses. The game is surely a power packed one but at the same time challenges you to either spend or use tact and time in gathering your resources.