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How it all started

Posted on 07 April 2008 by Natalie

Where did this all start? It was really a variety of concepts, ideas, plans, dreams, and well, it all came together. Now we want to be nomad backpackers.

My brother (Philip) is getting married in Italy on 10-Oct-2008. Justin and I decided as soon as Phil and Amy announced their engagement that we should take full advantage of Europe and do a little backpacking while we were overseas. I mean, we knew we had to buy plane tickets, why not add two or three weeks of backpacking the Continent?

At the same time, we felt limited by the fact that we could only spend a few weeks in Europe. We began to explore teaching abroad. However, we were distracted by South Korea for a while and were seriously entertaining the idea of living there for a year. But then we realized that we would be stuck in the same country for a whole year. We want to explore and travel the world.

We ended up seeing a DVD called, a A Map for Saturday . It’s a great documentary that Brooke Silva-Braga filmed, edited and is now marketing. He is really quite a remarkable guy. I’ve never met him. But his film has inspired Justin and I to dream bigger, and really think outside of the “American vacation box”.

Justin and I are at the point in which we are willing to save money with “gazelle like intensity” (as Dave Ramsey explains in his book The The Total Money Makeover). We are ready to dream, plan, save, research, and then eventually GO! And set forth on a journey of budget travel, by aiming to backpack and explore various places in the world.

Justin and I are excited about the adventures ahead! We can only hope that this website becomes a great resource to others who dare to dream of becoming nomad backpack

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2 Responses to “How it all started”

  1. I have been seeking reliable recommendations on travel tips and think that your site is an excellent resource. It is not easy to locate savvy suggestions on the Web, but I think I can put this to use! If you have any more honest recommendations, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Natalie says:

    Alec, I am so glad to know that our info is helpful.

    We had never backpacked or gone on any adventures as Nomad Backpackers. So, we had to navigate it all carefully…and well a bit blind.

    Happy travels!!!

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